Reworked Nike Classic Khaki Black and white HIGH QUALITY Fur set. Reworked from a Second-hand disgarded Nike hoodie.


PLEASE NOTE that this Set is back by popular demand and only a couple can be made. 


  • This set will have either Cream and black for OR All black- you choose. (The green fur is not available
  • Because this is made with second-hand or vintage hoodies the colour of the swoosh will vary from black to white
  • for the purpose to AVOID this set looking like the poor imitations that have been floating about the bottom of the top will have ribbing instead of (elastic inside the top) Trust me its better! I will also move around the design just slightly to seperate you from the fakes *Roll eye Emoji*


Please note: Because this is made to order (for the purpose of allowing more people to buy a Scarlett Orange Outfit)  and due to the nature of how we source our products and what they are it is NOT possible for TheJordan /  nike / The north face / Adidas / logos etc to always be exactly the same- This is because The hoodies, bags, sweatpants or T-shirts are Second hand. We will always aim to make it as similar as possible if not the same- The overall design / layout of the outfit will always stay the same and ALWAYS made with authentic materials


-Cancellations: If you want to cancel your order no problem! Just please cancel within 24 hours by sending and email to


Exchange: This item is made to order to your chosen size and measurement because of this there are no refunds. if you have an issue with your order and we can not fix it, we will replace it via an exchange for the same item only


How long: Made to order items take 2-4 weeks for creation. Beautiful Art - takes time


Care: to keep your garment looking its best, always either cold wash or wash no higher than 30 degrees. Air dry, DO NOT TUMBLE DRY! 

Reworked Khaki Green Nike Hoodie