This Item is made to order. It is made specially just for you, for your chosen size / measurements. When you make your purchse it will then take 1-3 weeks for construction. Once it has been complete it will be sent to you. This item can ONLY be cancelled within 24 hours of purchsing. Please use the contact page here. The Delivery time will vary depending on your country. This process can NOT be rushed and it is important that you understand this BEFORE you make the decision to purchase. This is NOT the same as a custom order and the design can not be changed beyond the options given. Please feel free to contact if you have any questions.


Please note:

  • This Item is still has a very LIMITED quantity and once out of stock will NOT be coming back
  • The Nike part of the pants may vary between a windbreaker or a hoodie it depends. The logo may say nike with a swoosh or may just be a swoosh

Reworked Yellow & Black Nike 2 piece

£200.00 Regular Price
£130.00Sale Price