Questions? & answers!

When is the restock? 


NOVEMBER 11TH 2020 11.11PM GMT 

-Check the countdown timer for worldwide accuracy add this to your calendar!

Remember there will be NEW items in each drop and it is not possible to remake the same things again, that being said there will be some items from pervious drops that are SIMILAR!

Why is everything out of stock?


Each item is made with a second hand, rare or vintage item/s  -Always Authentic!. Sometimes it is not possible to remake the same item again because of that. This also means there is only ONE of each piece it just takes one person for it to be sold out!

The idea is also that you walk around the streets or your events knowing you are EXCLUSIVE AF

Some good news..Even though this the case there are plans to restock the best/most asked for items, and if not exactly the same, similar or better!

How much do the items cost?

Cost varies - Each item is uniquely made / reconstructed with authentic branded pieces of clothing, bags, umbrellas etc which cost different prices especially rare pieces, different items have different details, features and fabrics! they start from £100 (pounds £ / GBP) Remember the prices are in UK£ (Pounds)

use the price converter box at the top of the page- then click into an image to activate it! OR use google.

Where are you located?



How can I be notified?


An email, Instagram post & story, Facebook Post will be sent out with previews or there will be a countdown timer before. make sure you are following and subscribeso you do not miss an update!

-Please note that the email might go to the spam folder for the first email!


Can I get a custom Order?


Custom orders will be taken again In November

Please note that this an EXCLUSIVE personal service and prices are higher


Do you ship worldwide?




Do you do menswear?


Men's items can be made via a customer order

Next year there will be a full men's range!


Do you do plus size clothing?


Plus size can be made via a custom order

Next year there will be a full Plus range!


Is this a Scam?


No no no! I have been making reworks since 2016 with many happy customers. Please feel free to check the Instgram. in fact i'm sure this mail will reach many of you happy customers, if you now send or tag scarlett orange with you styling purchase you will receive a 15% off Coupon code 

PLEASE NOTE: There are fraudsters claiming to be scarlett orange wholesalers and sellers, do NOT send these people your money through messages or any other way it is NOT safe. If you are not sure send an email first. you can do this via the website.

I will NOT be held responsible for the loss of your money!


I'm just not sure its safe!?


All purchases are made via paypal and stripe card payments please click below to read more about the buyer protection on Paypal


Do you offer wholesale?


No, unfortunately not


Can I pre-order?


No sorry there is no pre-orders, orders are to be made when the items are available

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